OPEN HOUSE Sunday! Beautiful Homes in Pendleton and Anderson – We’ll See You There!


Join us this Sunday, March 29

Listed by Tim & Julie Schnepp, Schnepp Home Selling Team at RE/MAX Real Estate Services

Call a Buyer Specialist now 765-274-4781

JUST LISTED! 123 E Michelle, Pendleton, IN  – Open Sun, March 29 from 1 to 2:30pm

Join Leigh Ann Rogers at this Beautiful New listing, Provided by Tim & Julie Schnepp, RE/MAX Real Estate Services

10775 Wymm Ln, Ingalls, IN 46048- Open Sunday, March 29 from 1 to 2:30pm

Join Tim Schnepp at this Two-Story Home in Prairie Hollow, Provided by Tim & Julie Schnepp, RE/MAX Real Estate Services

1840 Lora St, Anderson, IN 46013- Open Sunday, March 29 from 1 to 2:30pm

Join Julie Schnepp at this updated, three bedroom, brick ranch home, Provided by Tim & Julie Schnepp, RE/MAX Real Estate Services

1003 Avalon Ln, Anderson, IN 46017- Open Sunday, March 29 from 3 to 4:30pm

Join Julie Schnepp at this cute and affordable home located on a corner lot in town Chesterfield, Provided by Tim & Julie Schnepp, RE/MAX Real Estate Services

Perhaps you’re considering listing your home? – Connect with Tim & Julie Schnepp Today. Call 765-778-3573 |




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The ABC’s of Having Your Home on the Market

556059_3624354016380_498112275_nThinking of Selling? Now is definitely the time! Here are a few tips we use to prep our sellers for having a home on the market.

Always expect the house to be shown at the worst possible time. When you leave your home, try to straighten things and/or hide anything that you do not have time to straighten. Before you leave for work, tidy up the house, make beds and do the dishes. Now you will be able to approve an appointment in the middle of the day, before you get home. Also, make sure you leave a listing brochure out for the buyers to review all the details about your home. We will provide you with the listing brochure soon after listing.

Be prepared for surprises and some disappointments. Real estate agents are usually showing several homes at a time—in fact they will rarely show just your property. This means they may be running late or get so far behind schedule they have to skip seeing some of the homes on their tour. Sometimes a buyer will drive up and choose not to go inside. Unfortunately, this is part of taking the good with the bad. It is best if you leave when your home is being shown. Realtors need to do their best to overcome any objections and to speak freely to sell the strong points to their buyers. It is fine to stay at your house until they arrive — simply slip out as soon as you see them drive up or soon thereafter. It is always best that you leave 15 minutes before your scheduled showing. This way you will be gone if they show up early and you will not be playing musical cars in the driveway. We always want the buyers to be comfortable when they are at your home. If they run into you or know that you are around, it may distract them from enjoying your home. Remember, buyer’s emotions and feelings about a home are one of the major factors in their decision process. Let’s do all we can to make sure they feel welcome.

Call if something comes up, in cases such as a family emergency, a sick family member or if you are going to be hosting a party. We will be happy to block all showings for those times when it is necessary. Our goal is to get you an offer as quickly as possible —and to do this the house must be available for showings. So we will proactively reschedule any showing conflicts. We answer our phones and know that communication is the key to a smooth and successful transaction and we encourage our clients to reach out to us.

There are a lot of steps in a real estate transaction. The award winning staff at The Schnepp Home Selling Team has over 20 years of experience to put to work for you. With dedicated buyers agents, listing agents, listing coordinator, and closing coordinator – you can be assured that we will handle every detail for you.

Call Tim & Julie Schnepp and the Schnepp Home Selling Team at RE/MAX Real Estate Services today 765-778-3573 |

Want to know the value of your home? Start with a free home valuation Here

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Refresh Your Deck This Summer

With spring in full bloom, homeowners are taking advantage of the weather and prepping their outdoor living spaces for the upcoming summer season. While there are a handful of different low-cost deck trends for 2014, homeowners can freshen up their existing space without breaking the bank by highlighting a few key elements.
The following updates are as easy as they are wallet-friendly.

Rock the railing. The railing is often the first thing guests see when they take a look at your deck from the yard or street, so it’s important to realize that this is more than just a safety feature—although functionality is important, too!

Make a statement and allow your railing to stand-out by switching up building materials. For example, if you have a wood deck, it doesn’t mean you need to have wood railings. In fact, glass railings are a popular option today. Want to pass on glass? Look into composite or aluminum.

Pump up the posts. Your deck posts can get a quick revamp with post caps. Additionally, planter pots are becoming increasingly popular: Plant an herb garden or your favorite perennial right on your deck post. You can also look into posts with built-in lighting—some are solar!

Add spark to your spindles. The spindles between your rail posts, also known as balusters, can also be updated. Get a unique look by mixing and matching materials.

Love the lights. If you’re already proud of your outdoor space, spruce up your lighting to show it off at night. Look into recessed lights for the stairs, ornamental post lights, soft illuminating floor lights or eco friendly solar options.

If you want to take on a bigger project and give your deck a major facelift, consider redoing the base. Natural wood continues to be popular, but if you don’t have the time or money for wood, you can consider composite decking. Lots of consumers favor composite because it’s durable and low maintenance. And, many designs closely mimic real wood so you still have the aesthetic appeal.


Spring is in bloom and so is the housing market. If you’re looking to buy or sell call The Schnepp Home Selling Team today. We have the experience you need to reach your real estate goals.





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Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Preparing your Home Sale

FAQ Selling your home, especially if you have never done it before, can be surprisingly time consuming and emotionally challenging. Yes, there will be strangers poking around your closets and cabinets and may even criticize the place which, to you and your family, is way more than simply four walls and a roof. To top it all off, they may offer you less than you feel your home is worth. When entering into such a complex and emotional transaction, it is easy to make mistakes. But with the help of the Schnepp Home Selling Team, you can avoid many common slip ups. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid when listing your home for sale.

A major factor is neglecting repairs and maintenance. Buyers are always looking for a deal, so making sure all necessary repairs are done in advance will help ensure those repairs don’t end up on the buyer’s negative checklist. Another mistake is not depersonalizing. Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in your home. To help them achieve this, remove distractions by packing away personal collectibles and other personal items. A third mistake is not removing odors. You have only one chance to make a great first impression. If buyers walk into your home and smell smoke, pets, or strong cooking odors, they may be turned off and either cross the home off their list or reduce their offer.

For more mistakes to avoid before selling your home you can call one of our experienced agents at 765-778-3573 or visit: We rank in the top 1% of RE/MAX agents in the state of Indiana and we have the experience and expertise to meet your home buying and selling needs.

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Winter Curb Appeal

WinterSelling your home in today’s marketplace requires thoughtful planning and expertise. When it comes to preparing your home for sale, curb appeal is important even if it isn’t the entire reason a buyer chooses your home. Buyers usually make quick judgments as to whether or not your home meets their criteria after driving by or viewing photos online. What you really want is for the buyer to take the next step and see the inside of your home. If you give your exterior a well-cared for appearance, buyers will be more excited to view your interior as well.

A good place to start when evaluating your curb appeal is to stand at the end of your driveway and consider any updates that need to be done. Are there repairs that need to be made? Consider your roofing, siding, and lighting. Since we are in the winter months, you can’t do much in regard to painting, but you still want to make sure your home is appealing to prospective buyers.

For some simple curb appeal, you could add winter arrangements to your front porch or near your garage. In these snowy days, be sure your driveway and sidewalks are shoveled and salted at all times. Buyers want to feel safe viewing your home. Make sure you remove all of your festive lights since it is after the holidays, as buyers want to see the house in its natural state. In your back yard, be sure to shovel off your deck or patio so buyers can see the size and condition. Buyers want to know what they are buying even if they can’t use it right away.

The first impression is a lasting one. Your goal is to show the buyer your home is worth moving into and not moving on from. For more great tips like this, call your local real estate experts Tim and Julie Schnepp at 765-778-3573. You can start your home search today and find even more great seller tips at


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Making a Great First Impression when selling

Fit to sell deal makersFor some sellers, it isn’t easy for them to go through the actual process of selling their home — for one reason or another. The RE/MAX “Fit to Sell” series presents the top priorities for home sellers when preparing their home. In this week’s “Fit to Sell” we provide the “deal makers” that home buyers expect when looking for a home, including: curb appeal, up to date features, and master suite.

It is no secret that many buyers want the perfect, move-in ready home. A typical buyer has a mental checklist of what they want and if your home doesn’t have it, they move on. Working with our RE/MAX agents will help ensure your home stays at the top of the list

There are several key areas to focus your attention on when updating your home for sale. Curb appeal is the ultimate first impression. Having the front of the property looking exceptional, will give the impression that the home has been well taken care of. A positive image creates anticipation for the buyers to see more.

As a buyer enters your home, you want to grab their attention from the front door. You can give your home optimal flow and space by removing excess clutter and rearrange furniture. Overall, buyers are looking for contemporary, hotel style bathrooms and upscale kitchens. Warm and welcoming master bedrooms with up to date flooring will also be major positives in your favor. Did you know hard wood floors are the most desirable floor coverings to have?

Your RE/MAX agents know the comparable to other homes on the market and how your home will compete. You don’t get a second chance to make that first impression. 

To find out more regarding how fit to sell your property is, call us today 765-778-3573. You can find more great seller resources like this at

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Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!

New Year

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How to Prep for a Future Home Purchase

Perhaps you’re several years away from buying a home. However, whether you plan to make a move in one year, or five, there are steps you should be taking now to get ready for homeownership on the horizon.

Gather good credit – From gaining credit to keeping a close eye on it, credit is a huge deal when it comes to applying for a mortgage. Things like credit cards, car payments, student loans and even phone bills can establish credit, so you may already be well on your way.

Another way to establish credit and prove you’re a responsible potential homeowner is to have your current home rental—if you have one—in your name. This works for utilities like electric and even cable, as well.

Save – From down payments to closing costs, purchasing a home is a pricey process, and that’s before you factor in any needed repairs and that new dining room set. Lenders look at how long funds have been in your account when considering you for a mortgage, so be sure to start saving now. Set up an automatic transfer that saves a little of your monthly paycheck to bolster your savings account.

Educate – No matter how financially prepared you may be for your first home, hunting for and buying a home is still a lengthy and often arduous process. Start researching the mortgage process now so that by the time you’re ready to make a move, you have a wealth of knowledge, and resources.

As always The Schnepp Home Selling Team is ready to meet your real estate needs. Equipped with knowledge and experience, we will make all the difference in your real estate experience. Call us today at 765-778-3573.


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‘Tis the Season for Giving Back

Tim and Julie Schnepp, Leigh Ann Rogers, Linda Tyler and the staff at RE/MAX Real Estate Services want to thank you, and this fantastic community, for an excellent year in real estate. We are looking forward to an abundant new year, celebrating 2014. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This year, our office has had the pleasure of giving back a portion of commission proceeds to the incredible Children’s Miracle Network. RE/MAX is the exclusive real estate sponsor for the CMN, which works with 170 children’s hospitals to help provide funds for care of kids with any affliction, including cancer, pediatric AIDS, birth defects, accident trauma and muscular and cardiovascular disease. Locally, all CMN donations benefit the Riley Hospital for Children.

During the Holiday season we take a moment to think about these children and their families as many of them celebrate Christmas and New Years in the hospital. We want to truly thank our clients for choosing our office to represent them and contribute to this incredible organization on their behalf.

We are looking forward to serving the real estate needs of Madison County in 2014.


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Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas ecard image

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